(quercus pubescens Wild.)


A deciduous tree that can reach heights of 20/25 m, it is the most widespread oak species in Italy. The trunk can have considerable diameters even up to 2/2.5 mt.

It has a generally short and sinuous stem, soon dividing into large branches that are also sinuous and go to form a hemispherical and compressed but never too dense crown.

The bark is fissured with deep furrows and divided into very hard, wrinkled plates, grayish in color, the twigs of the year are always pubescent and densely hairy, has obovate, alternate and simple, glossy green leaves, 5 to 12 cm. long with rounded lobes on the upper page appear glabrous while on the lower page and especially in the young leaves have a dense whitish fuzz.

Young plants are easily recognized in winter as the brown leaves remain attached to the branches. The fruits are acorns that ripen over the course of the year, are found clustered in groups of 1-4 on a stubby, short hairy stalk and is half protected by a hemispherical dome covered with small appressed scales.

It is a thermophilous, xerophilous, heliophilous plant sensitive to late frosts, vegetates well from the coastal to hilly belts up to 1,100 m altitude in calcareous, marly and even clay soils is widespread throughout Italy, Southern Europe and Asia Minor. It lives in symbiosis with all types of truffles and especially is mycorrhized with Tuber Melanosporum Vitt., Tuber Aestivum Vitt. and Tuber Borchii Vitt.

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