Scorzone Truffle

We have availability of mycorrhized plants with this truffle species


Shape Oval, irregular and roundish.
Size Rather high on average but varying from egg to orange, in exceptional cases even higher.
Peridium Blackish-brown in color, with large warts, 3-11mm. wide, 1.5-4mm. high, pyramidal, slightly striped transversely, cracked to form the characteristic hard rind from which it vulgarly takes its name (Scorzone).
Gleba Coarse-grained in color at first whitish, then appearing hazel-dark when ripe, furrowed by numerous white branching veins.
Spores Roundish, or yellowish oval, varying in number from 1 to 6 per asci.
Scent Weak and delicate.
Ripening May to September.
Habitat Tolerates clay soils with high organic matter, generally growing Above ground or in shallow soils, preferring midday exposure; climatically it adapts to both Mediterranean and continental climates, tolerating low temperatures very well.

Symbiont plants:
  • Leccio (quercus ilex L.)
  • Cerro (quercus cerris L.)
  • Carpino nero (ostrya carpinifolia scop.)
  • Roverella (quercus pubescens Wild.)
  • Nocciolo (corylus avellana L.)

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